The basis for the development of this innovation ecosystem is knowledge. Serbia is known for its world-class engineers, thanks, in part, to the country's unique approach to education in natural sciences and individual innovation. This has made us one of the most attractive places for research and development of products based on blockchain technologies.

About the consortium

The mission of the Excellent 3 Supercluster is to create a platform that provides resources and creates a stimulating environment for the development of a sustainable web3 ecosystem in Serbia by 2027.

The consortium networks representatives of the web3 and blockchain industries with the private and public sectors to apply these technologies in practice. By connecting local with the European and global markets, the consortium provides easier access to domestic and foreign sources of funding, and the information required to improve the ecosystem with accelerated growth and development.

As there is a shortage of skilled labour in Web3 technologies, the consortium will focus on developing experts in this field, increasing the number of innovative products and strengthening the market through multidisciplinary cooperation between conventional industries, startups and academia. 

Consortium members
MVP Workshop
Serbian Blockchain Initiative
Naučno-tehnološki park Niš
Fakultet organizacionih nauka
Cluster management team
Emilija Živković
Glorija Martinović
Teodora Vukašinović



If you work in the field of web3 and blockchain technology, have an idea, knowledge or infrastructure, join the pilot supercluster.