Gaming environment and virtual reality
The national video game production sector is one of the leading niches in the creative and ICT industries in Serbia. Uniting gaming and related fields (film post-production, data science, education), their "gamification", will bring further development of gaming through the creation of innovative technologies, services or products.

About the consortium

The vision of the Creative Tech Serbia consortium is to establish this domain as the "number one" creative industry in Serbia, which will put our country in a leading position in the entire region in the field of gaming. 

The consortium will focus on supporting talent in this area through various forms of cooperation between academia and industry, and through civil society organizations and startups dedicated to the development of formal and non-formal education systems. Through accelerator programmes and learning platforms, the consortium will also create a system for further development of existing teams and startups.

In a multidisciplinary industry that includes the work of artists, creators, engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs and a wide range of other professionals, Creative Tech Serbia will contribute to creating added value in the Serbian economy.

Consortium members
Cluster management team
Relja Bobić
Kristina Janković Obućina
Nenad Jovanovski



If you work in the field of gaming environment and virtual reality, have an idea, knowledge or infrastructure, join the pilot supercluster.