Serbia Innovates is a four-year project aimed at strengthening the innovation driven Serbian economy in the economy segments with the biggest potential for growth. Launched by ICT Hub with the support of USAID, the overall goal of the project is to strengthen the Serbia’s economy through innovation development. The central point of the project is a Supercluster – a globally proven business model that will help us achieve the desired results in the local environment.

What we do?

We directly apply potential for innovation in the local economy. We create new economic models and models of cooperation. We are strengthening the foundations of further development, competitiveness and export potential of our country. We create chances for a better Serbia together with key actors in the innovation ecosystem.

What is supercluster?

Supercluster is a model that drives intensive collaboration between small and medium sized companies and start-ups, investors, universities and relevant state institutions accelerating the development of innovations in the specific domains. At the same time, the biggest challenges faced by innovation ecosystem actors are resolved in synergy through cooperation of key players in the supercluster, exchanging the knowledge and creating new values.

What is the supercluster strength?

Supercluster creates value. This environment unites the potential of different ecosystem members and uses them as a solution for real economic problems. Through entrepreneurial work based on close cooperation, the supercluster creates new opportunities, promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge and responds to challenges that its members cannot overcome on their own. Coordinated goals and interests, availability and mobility of resources, domestic and international expertise are what make this model superior in developing innovation-based economies.



Serbia Innovates will provide adequate training to all selected consortia. The training will include an introduction to the concepts and the most critical skills and tools that will be used to manage the supercluster.


The pilot superclusters will last from April 2022 to June 2023. During the pilot projects, consortia will be able to:

1. Build supercluster infrastructure
2. Initiate at least one collaborative project with other supercluster members

The main goal of this phase is to confirm the functioning of the model in practice.

Decision making

After the piloting is completed, we will review the results and select a supercluster that will continue to receive financial support from the project until June 2025. We will decide based on the achievements during the pilot period, the three-year plan, and the global positioning of Serbia in the given domain.


We will continue to support activities on the development of the supercluster until 2025. In parallel, we will work on developing a sustainable model of functioning with the members of the cluster to ensure the sustainability of the supercluster even after the completion of the project.

Monitoring and adaptation

We will establish a system of monitoring and evaluation for continuous monitoring of progress and success of the supercluster. The most important criteria will be continuously assessed to extract valuable information, analyze the outcome of specific actions, and adapt the plan according to the needs.


Web3 and blockchain technologies

These technologies are revolutionizing the fields of value creation and exchange and are becoming a necessary factor in modern life. Decentralization of the Internet opens new opportunities for development in the areas of finance, education, health, public administration, cyber security, transport, and others.

High technology in agriculture and food industry

This domain includes all activities aimed at using various modern technologies and solutions based on them in areas from primary agriculture, through food processing and production, to trading.

Gaming environment and virtual reality

Gaming is not only video games. It includes technologies that have great potential for application in other industries - from trade, marketing, and the entertainment industry, through serious gaming and EdTech, all the way to MedTech and others.

Advanced solutions in medical technology and biotechnology

This domain includes the pharmaceutical industry, BioTech, MedTech, and HealthTech. By focusing on these areas, with a multidisciplinary approach and support for innovation, the chances of solving many of the health problems facing humanity are growing significantly.