People behind the project Serbia Innovates are a group of experts set to create an environment that will tie up key players in the innovation and technology ecosystem. Our intention is to encourage and make use of the innovation potential through joint efforts and thus strengthen Serbia’s economy.

Aleksandra Popović
Project Director

Lazar Lekić
Supercluster Manager

Bojana Pfandler
Project Coordinator

Ivana Vučelić
Project Communications Manager

Iva Žunić
MEL Expert

Slobodan Zebić
Finance Sourcing

Project material

Supercluster walkthrough

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Project overview

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Public Policy Research Center

Public Policy Research Center is an independent think tank. It is a group of innovative researchers and
digital enthusiasts deliberating on the future of work in Serbia, inclusive security, and sustainable
partnerships focused on social change. Their multidisciplinary approach explores the links between
socio-economic and security domains of everyday importance for citizens.

WM Equity Partners

WM Equity Partners is a consulting company that focuses on supporting SMEs in their efforts to access
finance by enhancing their internal capacity and connecting SMEs with numerous regional investors.