Creative Tech Serbia in Niš

What makes a good game? Of course, there are the good art, game design, music, and narrative and many other elements. However, a well-designed and applied economy is also necessary for a great gaming experience.

For this reason, the CTS supercluster invited Marija Spasić, Product Manager at Peaksel, and Miloš Milojković, a Data Analyst at Sozap, to speak about this topic at its September meetup in the Science and Technology Park in Niš.

In a few practical steps, through case studies, the theoretical foundations of game economies were explained, balanced economies with a few graphs and diagrams were discussed. In addition, participants also heard more about how to apply AB tests, detect product issues, and find the best solutions for implementation.

We have many interesting activities planned for the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, so stay tuned for all planned events in the coming period.