The first #UNREAL Day

On October 27th, the first conference #UNREALday was held at three different locations in Belgrade. Over 500 participants from several cities in Serbia and Croatia registered for workshops, masterclasses, and lectures.

Milan Ličina and Saša Vlajkov conducted workshops that were attended by about 35 students, and around 70 professionals participated in masterclasses conducted by David Jiang, Darko Subotin, Adam Kovač and Krzystof Pachulski. In addition, over 400 people attended the evening program and enjoyed the panel, lectures and presentations.

22 speakers from 4 countries shared their knowledge and experience, and the event attracted professionals from a wide range of fields (game development, architecture, motion capture, etc.) who all use Unreal Engine as their main tool. The #CreativeTechSerbia supercluster team is already planning for the next #UNREALday.