Blockchain in gaming and education

We entered the New Year, and the first Growing Together event was held on the last day of January. This time, the host of the monthly gathering was Sinhro HUB in Pančevo.

A panel discussion was held, in which programs of the "Excellent 3" and "Creative Tech Serbia" Superclusters were discussed, as well as ways in which blockchain technology can impact gaming and education. All those present were visibly interested in these topics, and the panel was very interactive with the involvement of the audience and the panelists answering questions.

At the panel, each from their own perspective, spoke: Uroš Šošević from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Pavle Batuta from Moonstruck, Nenad Jovanovski from the Serbian Games Association, and Nikola Ćurčin from Sinhro HUB. After the discussion, those present continued the conversation with the panelists in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed good networking.