Web3 & Blockchain Policy Lab

New and still complex technologies, Web3 and blockchain, bring tremendous potential for transforming traditional business models and conditions. To fully leverage the opportunities that this technology offers, it is necessary to formulate and adopt appropriate regulations.

With the aim of stimulating the development of the blockchain industry in Serbia, Supercluster Odličan 3 has formed a working group for the development of strategic policies, composed of representatives of Web3 companies, lawyers, and scientists - Policy Lab.

In March, a workshop was held to define the most important issues in current practice and determine the topics that the working group will address over the next two months.

The ultimate goal is the production of a report that will address problems in practice related to the issuance of digital assets (tokens), the use of digital assets in current business, the tax treatment of digital assets, and opportunities for establishing a free zone for Web3 companies.

Lawyers Željka Motika, Miloš Velimirović, and Ilija Rilaković, the coordinator of the working group, and Lana Janković from the crypto exchange ECD, have taken on the task of mapping the problems in the existing regulatory framework faced by Web3 companies and formulating proposals to improve business conditions and reduce administrative requirements.

The report will be presented on June 5th, as part of Belgrade Blockchain Week, at the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, where Policy Lab members and guests will discuss proposed regulatory measures for further development of the Serbian blockchain ecosystem.

Considering the importance of the compliance of all products with the legal framework, Policy Lab is of crucial importance for the development of Web3 and blockchain technology in Serbia.