Excellent 3 welcomed digital assets expert - Alexander E. Brunner

During the visit in Belgrade, Alexander E. Brunner met with representatives of companies working in the
field of blockchain ecosystems and organizations interested in this field, held a workshop at the Faculty
of Organizational Science and participate Growing Together event as a special guest.

During his visit to Belgrade, the President of Home of Blockchain.swiss, a public-private partnership established to promote the Swiss blockchain ecosystem internationally, met with representatives of companies operating in this field and organizations involved in ecosystem development, as well as local legal experts.

At the workshop held at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Brunner presented an analysis of the Swiss ecosystem, as well as some of the best examples of measures to encourage the development of web3 ecosystems. On this occasion, he particularly emphasized the importance of decision-makers who lead such initiatives being well-informed and understanding the technology and its potential impact on the economy and society.

Alexander also attended the monthly gathering of members of the supercluster where he had the opportunity to meet young engineers interested in the development and future of blockchain technology and present them with the Swiss Digital Asset Market Report, of which he is the author. The report was first published at the World Economic Forum in Davos in May 2022. Brunner discussed with event attendees the potential of using blockchain technology, the importance of the regulator's role, and the current challenges of crypto and blockchain legislation and the necessary steps to improve the business environment.