Be a part of the synergy of ideas, knowledge and solid infrastructure. Create new values through collaboration.

Several months of research conducted in Serbia have shown that there are four most promising domains regarding technological innovation


The internet as we have known it for the past thirty years has reached its limits. Changes to social circumstance and the change of focus on issues of privacy, transparency, efficiency and decentralisation are leading to a need for changes within the very internet environment.

The response to this consists of Web3 and blockchain - technologies that revolutionise the fields of creation and value exchange and become a necessary factor for modern business operations and life. The decentralisation of the internet opens new opportunities for development and production growth in many traditional industries, such as: finance, education, healthcare, as well as public administration, cybersecurity, transport and others.

A strong engineering base and a community of over 100 teams active in this domain represent great potential for Serbia as a pioneer to take up a leading position in the global market and be a leader of a new generation of the internet - as recognised for years by Startup Genome.


Nearly ten billion people will be living on our planet by 2050. This is approximately 25% more people than today, and they will need to be fed. Tradition, knowledge and favourable natural conditions were always a steady foundation for Serbia in the field of agriculture and food industry. Furthermore, the fantastic results by our innovators and companies that stand out in studies implemented under the Serbia Innovates project show that there is a lot of additional potential for innovative growth in this domain.

This domain covers all activities by various stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem aimed at the use of various modern technologies and solutions based on these technologies to improve the entire value chain in agriculture and the food industry, including improvements to existing and creation of new products, services, technologies, business processes and models in the field of primary production (agriculture), through secondary (food processing and production), to the tertiary sector (trade).


A highly active ecosystem and well-developed gaming community, amazing success by local companies and the arrival of large global companies to Serbia have set this domain apart from the rest of the IT industry in the studies of the Serbia Innovates project. Furthermore, the recognition by Startup Genome for the third year in a row confirms that focus on this area can further raise domestic capacities for creating new globally competitive video games.

However, gaming is not only video games. It includes technologies with high application potential in other industries - from retail, marketing and the entertainment industry, through serious gaming and EdTech, all the way through MedTech and many other fields. Gaming concepts cross over into other industries and through their “gamification” improve the experience and efficiency, and create new opportunities for growth. The constant development of virtual reality and expectation of its broad use will open new horizons, and these two trends must be observed in concert to gain a full view of the available potential.


The COVID-19 pandemic is the most drastic case study of collective powerlessness in front of the unknown in the 21st century. However, the change of focus and investments towards science and innovation have brought about rapid and quality solutions that make scientists speak of the end of the pandemic with increasing frequency.

Health as a universal priority for contemporary society is creating an incredible market opportunity for experts and talents to utilise their know-how for achieving noble goals, while at the same time creating economic value and innovation-based growth. Research has shown that our academic and scientific community has an enormous potential that could be transformed through cooperation with other stakeholders in this domain into specific results that could find global applications.


Serbia (Innovates) has invited the best!

We are proud that over 130 organizations applied for the public call for pilot superclusters.

Among them are startups, a large number of companies, academic and scientific institutions and other stakeholders. Many associations, law firms, public institutions have chosen to believe in the power of synergy. Knowledge, ideas and strong infrastructure will jointly create new values.

In the second phase, the selected consortia will participate in the development of a strategy for the most important aspects of supercluster development. This is also the first step towards turning visions into a strategy and a plan for how to realize our potential together. Strategic planning will be carried out through 4 collaborative thematic workshops:

  • Coordinating the ambitions of the supercluster
  • Supercluster resources and strategic focus
  • Defining goals and an action roadmap
  • Cluster business model
  • Cluster business model, organizational structure and management models

In the next month and a half, the consortia will learn about the concepts and the most important skills and tools that will be used to manage the supercluster. The start of the supercluster pilot is scheduled for May.

For more information and inquiries about Serbia Innovates project, please send an e-mail to: