Meetup: Med&BioTech supercluster

The Pilot Supercluster "Laboratory of Health Technologies," led by Health Tech Lab, the Niš Science and Technology Park, and the FEFA Faculty, held its first meetup on Friday, July 8, 2022.

Members of the supercluster and other organizations interested in medical and biotechnology solutions gathered at the Niš Science and Technology Park. At this event, plans for the future, ambitious goals, and interesting projects that this pilot and its members will work on were presented.

Representatives of the med&biotech ecosystem used this meetup to exchange ideas and experiences, connect with each other, and get to know important stakeholders from this ecosystem. After several presentations, members of the supercluster enjoyed informal socializing.

The importance of such initiatives was recognized by the Cabinet of the President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Nišavski, Pirotski and Toplički Administrative District, Neomedica d.o.o., Niš, Serbia, Naissus technologies, and ACIBADEM BEL MEDIC, who addressed the attendees this time. We look forward to the next events of the supercluster.